Exportable Exercise Program

People  participating in a large exercise outside under several pop-up canopy tents

Our goal is to help provide the local community with an adaptable and useful set of tools to apply and utilize in exercising your systems, plans, and procedures.  In order to meet that goal, the Exportable Exercise Program has been developed and is listed for your organizations use.

The Exportable Exercise Program provides personnel from the emergency management community a pre-packaged set of exercise materials for table-top exercises discussing simulated event scenarios. The events allow the participating agencies to assess current plans, policies and procedures while learning from the other participants as they provide their perspective and practices facing a similar situation.

Please follow the topics below and select exportable exercises for download.  Once downloaded, the material is yours to adapt.  It is our intent to provide a base with which you can build upon.  Change timelines, modify scenarios, redirect lines of questioning, and adapt any information you need to personalize the product.  

Please note:  This page will change throughout the course of the year and we will be adding additional exportable exercises on  a wide variety of topics.  Please check in regularly for new material.