Mitigation Grant Programs

The following provides a brief outline of available mitigation grant programs. For additional information, please visit FEMA's website to download a copy of their Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program and Policy Guide.

Eligible Programs Hazard Application Timeline Application Type
Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) All Natural Hazards Annual - Varies FEMA GO   (web-based system)
Flood Mitigation Assistance Program (FMA) Flooding Annual - Varies FEMA GO
(web-based system)
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) All Natural Hazards Varies - Federal Disaster Declaration Paper
(request from State Hazard Mitigation Office)
Legislative Pre-Disaster Mitigation Program (LPDM) All Natural Hazards Annual - Varies Direct Congressional Application

Eligible Applicant

State and local government entities, certain private non-profit organizations, and Indian tribes. (See Program Specifics)

Basic Requirements
Applicants must have a FEMA-approved mitigation plan for their jurisdiction that conforms to the Code of Federal Regulations (44 CFR 201.6) and the State Hazard Mitigation Plan. In addition, the jurisdiction must also be a member of good standing with the National Flood Insurance Program and any potential Mitigation project must be addressed in the local Hazard Mitigation Plan before a project can be started. Any Hazard Mitigation Project must show it's Cost Beneficial. A (BCA - Benefit Cost Analysis) must be done to show the benefits outweigh the cost of the project. 

Benefit Cost Analysis Information 

See BCA Webinar slides below in Additional Resources

Types of Projects
Eligible grant activities are those that will significant reduce or permanently eliminate the loss of life and property from natural disasters. These could include reinforced corridors of public schools, seismic or wind retrofit of non-profit utilities, acquisition of flood prone residential properties, the development of a local mitigation plan, and many more.

Additional Resources

Hazard Mitigation Flyer
Application Support Materials
Mitigation Action Portfolio (MAP)
Nature Based Solutions 
Nature Based Solutions Site
Inkind Contributions  (Assistance with Local Share)
FEMA Best Practices
Federal Mitigation Resources Table
Benefit Cost Analysis Help Slides 
                                                                                                                                                                  Resilience Analysis and Planning Tool

If you have questions on any of the Mitigation Grant Programs, contact information below:  

Application Development         Finance Management        Local Hazard Mitigation Planning
         615-741-3732                                 615-532-9221                                 615-741-2669

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