Tier II Industry Usage

Industry representatives should first login to E-Plan
Once there, Tier II filers should click on the E-Plan Online Filing (Tier2) link on the left side of the page. This is noted by the arrow at right. After clicking on E-Plan Online Filing, the page at right will appear. From here, Tier II filers can create their own access ID and user password. Doing so will generate the facility’s initial profile that can be edited only  by facility personnel with proper access. To generate the user ID and password, click on the “Click Here” link noted by the arrow at right.

After clicking on the red arrow noted above, Tier II filers will be directed to this web page. From here, Tier II filers can generate user-specific (and facility-specific) information.

After completing the required fields (boxes) at right, click on “Continue” to complete the online submission of inventory information.

The remaining submission information is relatively simple to use and follow. For those that need assistance, the program also includes an online tutorial. To access the tutorial, click on theupper right corner of the page. This is noted by the arrow at right. This will link to another web page and give the user an online tutorial, step by step, on how to file their information. In addition, by selecting this domain, users can also receive the information on how to import Tier2 Submit information into the E-Plan system.

G. A Special Note for Facilities

E-Plan includes thousands of MSDSs that are available to incorporate along with the facility’s submission. However, 40 CFR 370.21(MSDS Reporting) requires facilities to report facility-specific MSDSs. This is crucial as first responders may rely upon facilityspecific MSDSs as a reference in making the decision as to the appropriate type/level of protective clothing to wear in an emergency. Industries that are required to provide MSDSs along with their Tier II report should not be relying upon the generic MSDSs contained within E-Plan and should post their specific MSDS on the E-Plan site. For reference, the MSDSs in question are those that are required to be on hand for employee review and regulatory inspection under the 29 CFR 1910.1200 Hazard Communication Standard. Chemical suppliers, distributors and manufacturers are required to provide these MSDSs to industry upon request.