HAZMAT: Train the Trainer Instructor Courses

H400 TEMA HazMat Awareness & Operations Level Train-The-Trainer                    16 Hours

This course introduces the instructor to various instructional material, to cover the basic operating procedures for first responders and teaches a systematic response to hazardous material incidents. The curriculum defines hazardous materials and describes roles, responsibilities, and risks associated with an incident. It also describes the types, uses, and sources of information needed to identify hazards, as well as the basic options, requirements, and limitations of methods used to control, contain, or confine a hazmat incident. Students will participate in hands-on instruction and participate in group activities during the course. A written exam is given at the end of the course.

Prerequisites: H218, H306 OR FF171 OR EQUIVALENCY, S400 OR EQUIVALENCY


H404  MERRTT Train-the-Trainer                                                                                              16 Hours

This is the 2-day Hand-Off course for H202 and H203. TEMA works in coordination with the Department of Energy and to deliver this course.

Prerequisites: None


H410 TEMA HazMat Team Operations Train-The-Trainer                                               32 Hours

The HMTO 32-hour course is the Hand Off course for H310.  Emphasis is on teamwork and the use and limitations of existing team equipment. Content includes personal protection, safety procedures, basic physical and chemical properties, container characteristics, basic tactics and guidelines for team policies, procedures and operations. TEMA offers one course per region annually, contingent upon funding.

Prerequisites: H218, H306, H310 OR EQUIVALENCY, S400 OR EQUIVALENCY, Certified HazMat Technician