Fixed Nuclear Facility Program

The TEMA TVA program administers radiological emergency preparedness at the state level and also assists risk and host county programs involved “outside the fence” protecting the public from incidents that may occur at both the Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) based in Spring City, TN as well as the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant in Soddy Daisy, TN.  The primary purpose of these state and local government programs is to ensure the Multi-jurisdictional Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program (MJRERP) is utilized in training for, responding to and potentially recovering from a nuclear power plant incident in Tennessee.  There are bi-annual training exercises for each NPP based on an 8-year cycle and evaluated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  The TVA program conducts and supports planning, training and exercise development for dozens of agencies and hundreds of personnel regarding these two fixed radiological hazards in East Tennessee.