SBA Loans

The U. S. Small Business Administration can approve loans for businesses on uncompensated losses for uninsured losses and for which no grant has been provided.

Business Physical Disaster Loans

Repair or replace disaster damaged property, including real estate, inventories, supplies, machinery and equipment to include charities, churches, private universities, etc. Collateral for over $14,000.

Economic Injury Disaster LoansĀ 

Ordinary and necessary financial obligations for small businesses, including small agricultural organizations and non-profit organizations. Collateral for over $5,000.

Law determines interest rates:

Credit rating defines lower interest rates
Business loans - 6%; Nonprofit - 4.5% (3 years)
No credit available - business, nonprofit and econ injury - 4% (30 years)

SBA covers:

Up to $67,500 for small project grants under the Public Assistance Program.
Up to $2 million for businesses; ceiling may be waived based upon SBA determination.