Phase III: Renew

Timeline: First Month of Renewals

As TennCare enters Phase III, TennCare will review every member’s eligibility over a twelve-month period. For each monthly cohort TennCare will use existing data sources to attempt to auto-renew members who continue to meet TennCare eligibility requirements. Members will be selected for review when their renewal dates naturally fall. If TennCare cannot auto-renew a person’s coverage using existing data sources, the member will receive a renewal packet by mail or an email notification to renew on the TennCare Connect portal depending on their selected preference.


Tennessee plans to implement a hybrid approach to renewals that will include both time-based and population-based approaches. Tennessee will prioritize renewals based on their existing renewal dates, whether those have been extended during the PHE or the member was initially approved one year ago. TennCare will also implement a population-based approach, prioritizing redetermination for members have not been renewed or had an update on their case since the eligibility system went live in early 2019.

Our health plans, community partners, and providers are critical messengers. They are trusted leaders in their communities and have frequent interactions with members. These stakeholders can help reach at-risk or hard-to-reach members.

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Providers and advocates can help our members take steps to get ready by making sure TennCare members receive important paperwork. Help us make sure that a member’s mailing address and phone number is up-to-date. Members can make updates: