TennCare Public Records

In accordance to the Tennessee Public Records Act, TennCare makes public records available through its Public Records Portal, linked below. The Portal may be used to submit a new records request, check the status of an ongoing request or receive responsive records. In accordance with the Act:

  • This process applies to all the various offices, departments, and/or divisions of TennCare and all requests for public records made to TennCare.
  • TennCare public records are open for request or personal inspection by any citizen of Tennessee.
  • Sensitive or confidential information may be redacted prior to production in accordance with the Act.
  • TennCare is not required to sort through files to compile information or to create or recreate a record that does not exist in order to satisfy a records request.

TennCare Public Records Portal

TennCare Public Records Policy

Every governmental entity, including the Division of Health Care Finance and Administration, that is subject to the Tennessee Public Records Act (Tenn. Code Ann. ยง 10-7-501 et seq.), must establish a written public records policy. The HCFA policy and related forms are available below and include:

  • The process for requesting access to public records;
  • The process for responding to requests, including redaction practices;
  • A statement of any fees charged for copies of public records and the procedures for billing and payment; and
  • The name, title and contact information of the individual designated as the Public Records Request Coordinator(s).
  1. Public Records Policy
  2. ORRC Policy on Reasonable Charges