LTSS Contact Information

Long-Term Services & Supports Help Desk: 1-877-224-0219

Long-Term Services & Supports Help Desk Email:

TennCare's Main Line: 1-800-342-3145

Para información acerca de TennCare en español llame al 1-866-311-4290

Additional Phone Number Resources: /content/dam/tn/tenncare/documents/membersnumbers.pdf

LTSS Staff Contact Information

Katie Evans, Chief of LTSS

Meghann Galland, Deputy Chief of LTSS

Lindsey Smith, Executive Administrative Assistant

Nancy Loftis, Project Management Specialist

Kristeena Wilson, Senior Asst. Deputy Chief

Dallas Dowell, Asst. Deputy, Business Operations

Karen Gonzales, Asst. Deputy, Clinical Operations

Erica Billingsley, Director of Business Process and Strategic Solutions

Sandra Hughes, Dir. of Operational Innovation & Technology

Phanita Khampakasy, Director of Operational Compliance

Melissa Simpson, Clinical Dir., PAE’s & PASRR’s

Tabitha Satterfield, Asst. Deputy Chief LTSS, PPCC

Shannon Nehus, I/DD Program Director

Gary Smith, ECF Director

Kathryn Snow, ECF Assistant Director

Erika Irvine, I/DD Director

Ruth Givens, I/DD Nurse

Robert Plaskett, Manager of I/DD

Kelly Kuhns, Employment Specialist

Adam Morgan, CHOICES Director

Loleetha Gilbert, Assistant Director, DSNP/PACE

Christy Freeman, Assistant Counsel

Adoniram Jones, Director of Programs, Policy and Contracts

West Imboden, Assistant Counsel, Policy Specialist

Robert Marioni, Assistant Deputy of Data Governance and Reporting

Juan Gutierrez, Statistical Research Specialist

Logan Crocker, Asst. Dir. Of Data Management

Diane LaBarbera, Reporting Analyst

Marico Andrews, Data Manager

Katherine Hartley, Statistical Research Specialist

Tatiana Nikitenko, Statistical Research Specialist

Claude Jarrett, Manager of Audits

Ronald Lane, Compliance Analyst

Tiffany Pryor, Compliance Analyst

Caitlin Rogers, Asst. Deputy Chief QAI

Kathleen Livingstone, Value Based Purchasing, Statistical Research Specialist

Elijah Annor, Value Based Purchasing, Statistical Research Specialist

Anna Lea Cothron, Systems Transformation Director

Hanna Arn, Assistant Director of System Transformation

Holly Martin, Director of Quality & Accountability

Betty Hammett, Compliance RN

Eli Dickinson, Q&A Statistical Research Specialist

Amanda Yanez, Assistant Director of Q &A

Thomas Wood, Director of Communication

Lauren Rucker, Assistant Director of Training and Communication

Lynsey Auell, Assistant Director, LTSS Executive Supports