Dental Benefits Manager

All TennCare members have dental benefits as of January 1, 2023. Adult members are now able to see a dentist at no cost to them for all medically necessary, covered dental services. For adult members in a nursing facility or ICF/IID needing dental care, dental benefits are also available through DentaQuest. For member specific information, please visit

The list of covered dental procedure codes is posted and will be maintained on this website. TennCare’s Adult Dental Plan is managed by the current dental benefits manager, DentaQuest.

All dental providers treating TennCare members, including members located in nursing facilities and ICF/IID, must be contracted with DentaQuest as of January 1, 2023.

TennCare Adult Oral Health Programs Office Reference Manual (ORM)

TennCare Dental Advisory Committee

The TennCare Dental Advisory Committee reviews and makes policy recommendations to the Bureau and assists in the continued development and improvement of this national model program.

Additional Information for Dental Services

Best Practices for TennCare Dental Providers

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) stops the progression of tooth decay and the application is quick and painless. It has been used in thousands of practices around the country since it was cleared for use as a desensitizer in 2014. TennCare reimburses for Silver Diamine Fluoride when CDT Code D1354 is used. Rather than sending the patient home with active disease, dental offices can now stop the disease progression with an SDF treatment. Please share the important benefits of this preventive measure with your patients. To learn more, please view DentQuest’s SDF toolkit at:

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are safe and effective in preventing and arresting pit and fissure carious lesions in children and adolescents compared to the non-use of sealants or use of fluoride varnishes. And dental sealants minimize the progression of non-cavitated/initial occlusal carious lesions of the tooth that received a sealant. Please educate your patients on the importance of dental sealants. To learn more, please visit:


Community Water Fluoridation

Community water fluoridation is the most natural and cost-effective means of protecting residents in a community from tooth decay. For over 70 years, optimally fluoridated water has been proven safe and effective in preventing cavities in both children and adults. To learn more, please visit:

Age 1 Dental Visit

Tooth decay can begin in infants shortly after the teeth erupt into the oral cavity and can progress rapidly. The AAPD recommends that dentists incorporate the age one visit/infant oral health exam into their practices in order to help prevent early childhood cavities. Please educate your patients on the importance of the first dental visit by the first birthday, and twice annually after the first appointment. To learn more, please visit: