Provider Registration

Welcome to the TennCare Registration Home page for new and existing providers.

TennCare is now using web-based technology to simplify and improve the provider registration process. If you are a new provider to TennCare/Medicaid or an existing TennCare/Medicaid provider; you will need to register your information here.

A valid TennCare/Medicaid ID number is required for participation in TennCare, Tennessee’s Medicaid program. A valid TennCare/Medicaid ID number is required to:

  1. Get prescriptions covered by the TennCare Pharmacy Benefit for TennCare members.
  2. Submit Medicare/Medicaid “cross-over” claims to TennCare for consideration of Medicare copays and deductibles for our members with Medicare as a primary carrier.
  3. Contract with TennCare Managed Care Organization to provide medically necessary services to TennCare members.
  4. Verify member eligibility