David Foster, Director
Michelle Mairs, Deputy Director

The Utilities Division assists the Commission in establishing and implementing policy regarding Tennessee's gas, water, sewer, waste water, electric, and telephone companies to result in fair and responsible regulation for all utility companies and consumers in the state. A diversified team consisting of engineers, accountants, economists, rate specialists, and research analysts is employed to provide technical and financial expertise to ensure that the statutory responsibilities and rules of the Commission are fulfilled. The Division provides thorough research for companies wanting to provide utility services in Tennessee and companies already serving the state are routinely investigated as to the rates, terms, and conditions of services provided to consumers. The duties of the Division are balanced with the technological advances within the energy and water and telecommunications industries along with Federal and State legislation to achieve its goals. 

NOTE: Tennessee law requires representation by a Tennessee licensed attorney for any corporation or limited liability company appearing as a party in any contested case proceeding before the Commission. A corporation may not act pro se in contested legal matters, nor may it be represented by an officer or other non-lawyer agent.