Rules and Rulemakings

Docket No. 23-00030
In re:   Rulemaking to Amend Tenn. R. & Regs. 1220-04-11 Et Seq. to Incorporate References for Unsolicited Text Messages in Acccordance With Public Chapter 126 (2023)

Docket No. 23-00001
In re:  Rulemaking to Promulgate Rules for Utility Cybersecurity Plan Reporting as Required Under Tenn. Code Ann. § 65-4-127
Final Rules effective 09/25/2023

Docket No. 21-00018
In re: Docket to Collect and Consider Information Relating to Commission Practice and Procedure for Rulemaking on Tenn. R. & Regs.  1220-01-01, 1220-01-02, and Other Sections as Determined Relevant

Docket No. 20-00025
In re: Rulemaking Proceeding to Promulgate Rules for the Evaluation of Public Utility Acquisition
Final Rules effecitve 11/8/2021

Docket No. 19-00108
In re: Rulemaking Proceeding to Promulgate Rules Related to Extension of Service to Contiguous Territory
Final Rules effective 05/5/2021

Docket No. 18-00087
In re: Rulemaking to Amend and Delete Obsolete and Outdated Portions of the Telephone Solicitation Regulations, Tenn. R. & Regs. 1220-04-01 a/k/a The Do Not Call Rules
Final Rules effective 08/12/2019

Docket No. 17-00136
In re: Rulemaking to Delete Obsolete Rule and Promulgate New Rule Related to Access to Public Records of the TPUC
Final Rules effective 06/2/2019

Docket No. 16-00113
In re: Rulemaking to Revise TRA Water Rules 1220-04-03-.03-.06(3)
Final Rules effective 7/10/2018

Docket No. 16-00112
In re: Rulemaking to Revise TRA Wastewater Rules
Final Rules effective 12/4/2018