The State of Tennessee and the Tennessee Public Utility Commission introduced CAPTEL services in the state of Tennessee in November of 2005.

What is CAPTEL ?

CapTel is a telephone service that allows the user to speak, read captions and hear as they maintain business and personal telecommunications.

How does CAPTEL work ?

The CapTel telephone user dials the telephone number of the person they wish to speak to, the CapTel telephone automatically routes their call through the CapTel call center and connects them to their called party. At the call center, a specially trained operator uses a customized voice-recognition computer and revoices what is said by the called party. The voice-recognition software transcribes the operator's voice into captions that appear on the bright display screen on the CapTel telephone for the user to read. The user also hears the other party's voice on the telephone, just like any other amplified telephone. This technology allows for full telecommunication with the aide of captions in the conversation.

What is the cost of CAPTEL service ?

The CapTel service is a free service that is available to all Tennesseans.

How do I get a CAPTEL telephone ?

One CapTel telephone per household is free to qualifying residents of Tennessee. To qualify, simply fill out a Telecommunication Devices Access Program (TDAP) application and note CapTel in the devices section. Then send the application to:

Tennessee Public Utility Commission
502 Deaderick Street, 4th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

The CapTel telephones will be distributed in the order in which applications are received.