Utility Complaint Resources

The Consumer Services Division (CSD) is responsible for balancing the interests of both consumers and regulated utility companies. The CSD mediates complaints filed against regulated utility companies, and enforces the rules and regulations of the TPUC.


The TPUC oversees privately-owned electric, gas, water, wastewater, and telecommunications companies. The CSD investigates consumer complaints against regulated companies by enforcing the rules and regulations of the TPUC. For more information regarding companies regulated by the TPUC, click on the links in the left hand navigation bar. Please contact the CSD at (615) 741-2904 for information on companies that are not listed.


Q: What do I do if my utility company is not listed as a TPUC regulated utility?
A: Contact the CSD at (615) 741-2904 for more information.

Q: What is market regulation?
A: Telecommunications companies are permitted to operate under the Market Regulation Act of 2009 (TN SB 1954/HB 1698). Companies who choose market regulation are not regulated by the TPUC. However, the current telecommunications landscape provides consumers with many options. Consumers are encouraged to explore carriers that provide services at price points that meet consumer's telecommunications needs.

Q: Internet/Broadband service is not available at my home.
A: Internet/Broadband services are not regulated by the TPUC. You may contact the FCC for more information regarding these services.

Q: What is a State Issued Cable and Video Service Franchise Agreement?
A: The TPUC issues Cable Franchise Agreements to video service providers who include multiple service locations in one application. The provider then notifies the localities of their intent to provide service.

Q: What happens after I file a utility complaint?
A: Upon filing a utility complaint, you will be contacted promptly by the CSD and provided with information regarding your complaint.


Utility Complaints Manager

Jimmie Hughes
Consumer Services Division