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Interactive Program Inventory

The current administration has placed a greater focus on ensuring it invests in what works to better serve citizens across the state. 

What is a program inventory?

A program inventory is a comprehensive list of state-funded programs in the base budget, including whether they are supported by rigorous evidence. It includes information about the services provided as well as insight into the evidence that is tied to the program's desired outcomes.


Who was part of the initial program inventory?

The work began with a pilot that included the Department of Correction and the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The interactive program inventory below is the result of the pilot inventory work with these two departments.

It is important to note that the Tennessee evidence framework was strengthened after the pilot, with feedback from the pilot departments and other field experts. This adjustment will require a redesign of the interactive program inventory. OEI is continuing the inventory process with other agencies and is actively working to update the interactive inventory in 2021. While it does not currently reflect the updated Tennessee evidence framework, the interactive inventory reflecting the pilot framework is still available for exploration below. Additionally, to download PDF or excel versions of the inventory, click here