HGGP Application Process

Step by Step Guide

Begin your journey to honor veterans' service. The application is your first step toward securing funding for ceremonial honors. Please provide detailed information to ensure a smooth evaluation. Complete all required fields accurately before submission.

Edison Vendor Setup Guide

Setting up as a vendor in the Edison system is crucial for receiving the grant contract as well as reimbursements. Begin this process as soon as possible to ensure timely fund disbursement.

Ensure you've submitted your Grant Application and received verification of your organization's eligibility from TDVS.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Registration Initiation:
    • Upon verification, you'll receive an email with detailed instructions to register in the Edison system.
  2. Documentation Preparation:
    • Gather the necessary documents including your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), banking details for direct deposit, and contact information.
  3. Online Registration:
    • Follow the Edison User Manual for a step-by-step registration walkthrough. This can be found at this LINK.
  4. Validation:
    • The Edison Team will validate your information within five business days after submission.
  5. Confirmation:
    • You will receive a confirmation email from the Edison system once your vendor setup is complete. It is imperative that you forward this confirmation email to TDVS.Grants@tn.gov as proof of your vendor setup. This step is crucial for the grant funding process to proceed.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance:
    • Keep your Edison profile updated to avoid reimbursement issues.

Completion Deadline:
Complete the Edison vendor setup to remain eligible for reimbursements. Delays or failure to complete this step may lead to grant disqualification.

Assistance and Support:
For any technical issues or queries, reach out to the designated support contact at TDVS.Grants@tn.gov or for questions related to Vendor setup click the link for vendor support. Our team is here to assist you through each step.

Public Record Disclaimer:
Note that all submitted documents will be treated as public records unless specified as proprietary by law.

Final Reminder:
A timely and accurate vendor setup is essential for a smooth grant process. Ensure that all steps are completed well before the deadline to facilitate a successful grant experience.

Finalizing Your HGGP Funding


Once your Edison vendor setup is confirmed, the next steps are to sign the official grant contract and set up direct deposit to receive your funds.

Step-by-Step Completion:

  1. Grant Contract Signature:
    • Instruction: Review the grant contract thoroughly. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the funding, your organization's responsibilities, and the expectations of the HGGP.
    • Action: Sign the contract electronically, as specified by TDVS. Ensure all authorized representatives provide their signatures where required.
  2. Direct Deposit Setup:
    • Instruction: Setting up direct deposit is necessary for the timely and secure transfer of grant funds.
    • Action: Complete the direct deposit forms with accurate banking details. Double-check all information for correctness to prevent any payment delays.

Submission of Documents

  • Submit the signed grant contract to the designated TDVS contact and mail the direct deposit form, as specified in the document.

Acknowledgment Receipt:

  • You will receive an acknowledgment from TDVS confirming they have received your signed contract.

Next Steps Notification:

  • TDVS will notify you of the next steps, including any orientation or training sessions for grant recipients, and provide you with any additional resources or contacts for your grant management.

Support Contact:

  • If you encounter any difficulties or have questions during this process, please contact TDVS at TDVS.Grants@tn.gov for assistance.