What is VETS Campus?

Veteran Education Transition Support (VETS) Campus

Passed into law in 2014, the Tennessee Veterans Education Transition Support (VETS) Act establishes a program of recognition for higher education institutions which allocate resources for veterans’ successful transition from military service to college enrollment. An institution receiving VETS Campus certification not only prioritizes outreach to veterans, but successfully delivers the services necessary to create a supportive environment where student veterans can prosper while pursuing their education.

  1. Conduct annual survey of Veteran students to identify needs and get suggestions.
  2. Provide information to faculty and staff about military and veteran culture.
  3. Administer orientation programs for students who are Veterans
  4. Develop outreach strategies for military bases located near the campus.
  5. Create and maintain a process for the assessment of prior learning that grant academic credit to Veterans for transferable training and experience attained through military service.
  6. Provide a campus website with information to assist and support student Veterans.

You can view a list of the current VETS Campus list here.