Workforce Insights, Research and Reporting Engine Division (WIRED)

TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development

WIRED supports data-driven decision-making within the Department’s Divisions as well as for employers and employees in the workforce.

About the Workforce Insights, Research and Reporting Engine Division (WIRED)

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development's Workforce Insights, Research and Reporting Engine Division (WIRED) brings together labor market statistical data and real time claimant and job seeker data and utilizes that information to support data driven decision-making within the Department’s divisions as well as for employers and employees in the workforce.

Labor market data is stored in the workforce information database on where it is combined with employer and individual/job seeker data to provide access to information related to supply and demand by industry, occupation, location, education, salary, skills, training, and certifications. Division leadership presents details at conferences and workforce board meetings on how to access and use this data to assist individuals, employers, and potential businesses.

WIRED has four major sections:

  • The Labor Market Information staff work in cooperation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to conduct the surveys and censuses that produce economic indicators.
  • The Customer Success Team provides the front line end user support for all divisions utilizing current technologies to track and prioritize all requests for assistance.
  • The Data Analytics and Technical Support Team combines statistical, historical, and real time data ( to provide dashboards to support data-driven decision-making using current technologies and tools.
  • The WIOA Performance and Reporting Team is responsible for managing the information system ( that collects and reports individual level performance data to the federal government for Title 1, 2 and 3 WIOA workforce programs. This team is also responsible for managing staff privilege accounts, providing technical assistance and training, ensuring that data is calculated and reported accurately, and assisting with system upgrades required to meet federal reporting changes.

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