Training & Education

Through a variety of programs, TOSHA Training Services assists employers, employees, and their representatives in reducing safety and health hazards in their workplaces and in complying with the requirements of TOSHA standards and regulations. TOSHA provides education to employers and "train-the-trainer" programs. This means TOSHA does not provide the direct training to employees that is required to fulfill training requirements in a TOSHA standard or regulation. It is always the employer's responsibility to train his or her employees.

Seminar Training Schedule

View the schedule for all of the upcoming training seminars over the next few months. TOSHA seminars range from a half day to four days and are offered all over the state. Topics range from OSHA Recordkeeping and Basic Safety to the OSHA 30-Hour for General Industry Course and Bloodborne Pathogens.

TOSHA Newsletter

Together with TOSHA is an online publication that contains safety and health updates for Tennessee employers.

Resource Center

These videos will help you meet TOSHA requirements, provide a format for annual training, and help employees work safely. Check out the fact sheets, videos, and publications.

Special Emphasis Programs

TOSHA is currently focusing major prevention efforts in the areas of amputation, carbon monoxide, falls, food flavoring containing Diacetyl, hexavalent chromium, Isocyanates, lead, noise, microwave processing, nursing and residential care facilities, recordkeeping, and trenching and excavation.

Find the Hazard

In this gallery of photos, click each photo to see a larger image and find out what safety standard has been violated.

Required Training

TOSHA standards and regulations that have training requirements are LAW. Failure to comply with the training requirements not only places your employees at risk but can also result in citations and civil penalties.

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