Layoff for Employers

A Data Entry Guide

Unemployment Claims citing "lack-of-work" are verified with an employer's Mass Layoff list; a list where employers may report both permanent and temporary layoff events, ranging from one to 500+ affected employees. Submitting this list in a timely manner expedites the affected employees' claim approval process. Employers may also assist by encouraging laid-off employees to:

  1. File an unemployment claim the week in which the event occurs and
  2. Certify each week they remain unemployed. 

Employers may manage such unemployment items within their Jobs4TN employer account. Many accounts were automatically configured but if you're unsure of your login credentials, please submit requested information for retrieval. Note: Your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is required for staff to locate your account information. 

Please email if you are experiencing trouble uploading such lists.