Certified Adjusters

This list contains the names of insurance adjusters who are now recognized by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation for their dedication and proficiency of the Tennessee Workers' Compensation System.
 Download the Registry of Certified Adjusters.

Registry of Certified Adjusters

An adjuster’s certification expires no less than 24 months from the date of designation. Notice will be sent to certified adjusters at least thirty calendar days prior to the expiration of their certification.

Exclusive Badge for Email Signatures

A sample email featuring the blue badge added to an insurance adjuster's email signature.

Certified adjusters can now inform customers, employers, medical providers, and injured workers of their accomplishment of attaining the title of "Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Certified Adjuster". Upon certification, adjusters receive an email containing detailed instructions on how to add this exclusive badge to their email signature.

If you are a Certified Adjuster and would like guidance on adding this unique badge to your work email signature, please reach out by sending an email to WC.info@tn.gov.

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