Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board decides appeals of Orders issued by judges of the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board is comprised of three judges appointed by the Governor and is separate from the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. The Appeals Board’s mission is to provide all employers and employees of Tennessee fair, accurate, and meaningful review of decisions rendered by the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims. The Appeals Board reviews cases with dates of injury on or after July 1, 2014.

Review opinions issued by the Supreme Court’s Special Workers’ Compensation Appeals Panel

Check the status of cases appealed from the Appeals Board to the Tennessee Supreme Court

Appeals Board Judges

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board Judges are appointed by the Governor. The judges are:

Pele I. Godkin

Timothy W. Conner
Presiding Judge

Meredith Balthrop Weaver 

Requirements to Appeal

The decision of the Workers' Compensation Judge following a compensation hearing shall become final thirty days after the Judge enters a Compensation Order, unless a party appeals the decision to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board within that time frame.  In the alternative, a party may appeal a final Compensation Order of the Workers’ Compensation Judge to the state Supreme Court.

  • If temporary disability or medical benefits are ordered, the employer has seven business days to comply with the order of the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims or file a Notice of Appeal to the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.  The employee may also appeal.
  • An interlocutory order may be reviewed by the Appeals Board if a Notice of Appeal (Spanish) is filed with the Clerk of the Court of Workers’ Compensation Claims within seven business days of the issuance of the order.
  • To appeal a compensation order to the Appeals Board, a Notice of Appeal (Spanish) must be filed within thirty calendar days of the date the compensation order was issued.
  • Any party appealing to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board may be represented by a Tennessee licensed attorney in good standing.
  • An attorney licensed outside of Tennessee may apply for admission pro hac vice.
  • Any party that is a natural person may represent himself or herself.
  • Any corporation or another artificial person may participate through a duly authorized representative such as an officer, director or appropriate employee, but must be represented by counsel in all proceedings before the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.
  • No party may be represented by a non-attorney.
  • A filing fee of $75.00 must be paid by the appealing party at the time the Notice of Appeal is filed or within ten calendar days thereafter.  Payment shall be made by check, money order, or by credit card.  In the alternative, the appealing party may file within the ten-day period an Affidavit of Indigency seeking a waiver of the filing fee.

If you wish to appeal an Order for an injury that occurred before July 1, 2014, please read the Administrative Review process.

Self-represented litigants in a pending appeal can request translation of a written document into English for filing with the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Questions should be directed to:
Olivia Yearwood, Clerk
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
220 French Landing Drive, Ste. 1-B
Nashville, TN 37243
Telephone: (615) 253-1606
Facsimile: (615) 253-5266