Medical Programs

Medical Case Management

Case Management helps coordinate the medical treatment to employees for their work-related injuries.  A Case Manager can assist in obtaining medical treatment and seeks out the most cost-effective treatment without compromising the patient's quality of care.

Utilization Review

We evaluate the prescribed medical care services recommended by the authorized treating physician. This evaluation is done to ensure that the services are necessary, appropriate and likely to be effective.

MIR Registry

A list of qualified and approved physicians designed to assist parties in settling a workers’ compensation claim when the only item being disputed is the impairment rating.

Medical Fee Schedule

The MFS applies to all medical services, equipment or supplies and is applicable to all injured employees claiming workers’ compensation benefits under Tennessee’s workers’ compensation law, no matter where the injury took place. An absolute fee for services is not set, but rather, a maximum amount that may be paid. 

Medical Advisory Committee

Created from the 2013 Worker' Compensation Reform Act, the Medial Advisory Committee (MAC) provides guidance to the administrator on issues related to the effective and efficient treatment of injured workers as well as the proper source of reference for determining permanent impairment ratings.

Medical Payment Committee

Comprised of seven voting members, appointed by the administrator, the committee hears disputes on medical bill payments between providers and insurers and advise the administrator on issues relating to the medical fee schedule and medical care cost containment in the workers’ compensation system. 

Medical Treatment Guidelines and Drug Formulary

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has adopted the Work Loss Data Institute ODG® Guidelines for the criteria used to determine the recommended treatments for injured workers in the State of Tennessee.

Assistance for Medical Providers

If you are a medical provider treating or diagnosing injured workers involved in a Tennessee workers’ compensation claim, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is here to help you!

AdMIRable Review

The AdMIRable Review is a seasonal newsletter that addresses topics of special interest to MIR Registry Physicians, including training opportunities, proper application of the AMA Guides, MIR Physician biographies, and case law updates. 

Certified Physician Program

An online course designed for physicians that focuses on how to get employees back to work.