The Certified Physician Program (CPP) Returns and Is Now Enrolling

The CPP returns after rule modifications.
Wednesday, November 01, 2023 | 09:15am
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The Certified Physician Program is back online! As of today, the program resumes operations. Physicians and chiropractors are now able to register for the online course “Best Practices for Treating and Evaluating Injured Workers” and apply for an appointment to the CPP Registry. 

Owing to the pause in the program, previously appointed physicians will begin their term anew starting today.  With the resumption of the program, Certified Physicians are now eligible to receive the enhanced fees in accordance with the Medical Fee Schedule. 

The “Best Practices for Treating and Evaluating Injured Workers” course is free and self-paced. The Bureau hopes to create a strong network of physicians trained in workers' compensation practices to better help injured workers across the state improve their chances of a faster recovery and a focus on returning to work. 

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