REWARD Honor Roll


The REWARD Honor Roll is special recognition program for Tennessee employers whose return-to-work programs meet certain criteria. The benefits of this recognition include permission to use the Honor Roll logo in company publications and complimentary registration for their RTW coordinator at the Bureau’s annual educational conference.

Minimizing the impact of injury on the injured worker and employer is beneficial to both parties. Most return-to-work programs reduce operating costs, improve morale, and increase productivity. These factors tend to lead to improved customer relationships, lower prices, innovation, and market success. The injured workers who return to work are able to earn wages and have a greater sense of self-worth.

Start by establishing a return-to-work culture in your organization by securing commitment from leadership. Develop trust, credibility, and rapport with your team of influential employees, medical providers, claim professionals, and supervisors. Implement the principles outlined in our REWARD Toolkit and comply with Tennessee law.

Criteria to Apply

Honor Roll employers exemplify the REWARD Program Principles and must show proof that they have:

  1. Created and maintained a return-to-work program that has:
    • Been in effect for at least twelve months,
    • A written return-to-work policy
    • A designated return-to-work coordinator as defined in the Bureau’s REWARD Program Toolkit.
  2. Communicated their return-to-work policy with all current employees.
  3. Communicated their return-to-work plan with physicians.
  4. Offered, over the last twelve months, panels of physicians to employees within three days of their report of a work injury and their need for medical care in accordance with T.C.A. § 50-6-204.
  5. Maintained good standing with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation as determined by the Administrator.
  6. Displayed the BWC’s Posting Notice in a conspicuous location in all appropriate languages.
  7. Utilized their return-to-work plan where possible.
  8. Submitted a completed Honor Roll application no later than November 15th for consideration of the following calendar year.