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Become a Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace

Employer Application

DFWP Application  (Spanish)

Program Requirements

  • Participating employers are required to provide training for all employees and supervisors at least once (for example, when hired).
  • For subsequent years, employees must acknowledge their awareness of the employer's drug-free workplace policy in writing annually.
  • Maintain records indicating who was trained and when.

Administer the following five types of tests:

  1. Pre-employment (must test for drugs, may test for alcohol) after a conditional offer of employment
  2. Post-accident that resulted in an injury—in emergency situations employees injured and required to be tested must be taken to a medical facility for immediate treatment of the injury.  Specimens cannot be taken prior to administering emergency care.  In non-emergency situations, the injured employee must submit to the test at the time the injury is entered into the employer’s OSHA 300 log.
  3. Reasonable suspicion— the employer must detail in writing, within 24 hours of the observed behavior, the circumstances that formed the determination to test and provide a copy of this detail to the employee upon request
  4. Fitness-for-duty (for safety-sensitive positions)—where required by law; are part of the employer’s policy; or is routinely scheduled for all members of the employment classification group;
  5. Follow-up testing of employees that enter an EAP program for drug/alcohol-related reasons—not required if the employee voluntarily entered the program; if required it must be conducted at least once a year for two consecutive years; the employee cannot be given advance notice of the date of the follow-up test

Employers are allowed, but not required, to do random testing.

Testing facilities must be licensed and approved by the TN Department of Health or the US Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS), College of American Pathologists, or other recognized authority authorized by the Commissioner.  The lab must comply with the procedures established by the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT).  Labs that perform confirmation tests must also be certified by either the Substance Abuse or Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) or by the College of American Pathologists—Forensic Urine Testing Programs (CAP-FUDT)

Renew your DFWP application with the Bureau annually. 

The renewal due date is based on the day that your initial application was received by the Bureau. Forgot your organization’s renewal date? Email

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