Required Drug Testing & Cut-Off Levels

Drug Initial Confirmatory  
Marijuana 50 ng/ml 15 ng/ml [THCA]  
150 ng/ml 100 ng/ml [benzoylecognine]  
Phencyclidine (PCP) 25 ng/ml 25 ng/ml  
Amphetamine (includes Methamphetamines, MDA and MDMA)
500 ng/ml 250 ng/ml  
Codeine/Morphine 2000 ng/ml 2000 ng/ml  
6-AM (Heroin) 10 ng/ml 10 ng/ml  
Hydrocodone/Hydromorphone 300 ng/ml 100 ng/ml  
Oxycodone/Oxymorphone 100 ng/ml 100 ng/ml  
Alcohol (Safety Sensitive Position)* .04 .04  
Alcohol (Non-Safety Sensitive Position)
.08 .08  

*If an employee in a safety-sensitive position has an alcohol test result of 0.04 or higher, the employer must immediately prevent the employee from performing safety-sensitive functions. If the test result is 0.020-.039, the employer must remove the employee involved from performing safety-sensitive functions for at least 24 hours, as provided in applicable DOT agency regulations.

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