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Talking Second Chances is a podcast that explores how Tennessee is reimagining its workforce by helping justice involved individuals prepare to successfully reenter communities across the state. Listen to engaging and candid talk about reentry, and hear perspectives from both JII individuals and employers who are willing to give them a second chance.

Talking Second Chances-Dr. William Arnold (Premiere Episode)

During this episode of Talking Second Chances, host Trevor White talks with Dr. William Arnold, the Director of the Tennessee Office of Reentry. They discuss the evolution of the office, its purpose, its mission, and how the state is working to change the mindset of employers when it comes to hiring justice involved individuals. (January 25, 2023)

Talking Second Chances

Talking Second Chances - Commissioner Deniece Thomas (Latest Episode)

During this episode, host Trevor White talks with Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Deniece Thomas. They discuss the mission behind the Tennessee Office of Reentry, the difference it can make across the state, and the importance of employers who are willing to offer second chances. (May 25, 2023)

Talking Second Chances Podcast Episodes

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