What to Expect After You File

After you complete the application:

✔ Receive Letter #1 (Monetary Determination) immediately via internal message or email. (If you choose mail, within 2 weeks.)

Start looking for work around town or on Jobs4TN.gov.

Log in to certify each week (required weekly to remain eligible).

✔ Record 3 work searches during your weekly certification. If you apply through Jobs4TN directly, those entries will auto-populate in your work searches when certifying. Also, keep in mind that all searches should be inputted online through your Jobs4TN account.

Receive Debit Card in the mail (within two weeks).

✔ Receive Letter #1 (Monetary Determination) immediately via internal message or email. (If you choose mail, within 2 weeks.)

✔ Receive Letter #2 of approval or denial.

Progress of your unemployment claim 

Easily monitor the progress of your unemployment claim by logging into Jobs4TN. Once logged in, locate Claim Status in the left navigation by going to Services for Individuals then, Unemployment Services.

Read more on our help desk.

Start your weekly certification

You may do so by logging into Jobs4TN and accessing Weekly Claim Certification in the left navigation by going to Services for Individuals, then Unemployment Services.

Not able to certify? Create a service ticket

Waiting Week

If your claim is approved, the first week you certified for will serve as a waiting week. This Agency does not pay you for this week unless you certify for, and are eligible for four consecutive weeks. On the fourth consecutive week, you will receive a double payment; it will be a combination of your waiting week and fourth week of benefits.

Start your job search immediately and certify the first Sunday after your claim was filed. Even if you haven't been approved or denied yet,  go ahead and attempt to certify.  Keep certifying weekly until you find employment.

Letter #1 Monetary Determination

This is not an approval, but rather tells you how much you could receive if you are approved. This document tells you how many weeks you will receive unemployment. Do not confuse the “benefit year” with how many weeks you will be eligible. The maximum number of weeks you can draw unemployment in Tennessee is 26 weeks (or six months).

Not the correct amount or is an employer missing during the past 18 months?

If you believe that the wages on the Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination are incorrect, you may file a Wage Protest .

Wage Protest

A Wage Protest may be filed online for any missing or incorrect wages paid for work performed in the state of Tennessee during the standard base period. You may file a Wage Protest by logging into Jobs4TN and accessing File a Wage Protest in the Unemployment Services section of your dashboard.

Please contact us toll-free at 844-224-5818 or submit a request for assistance with:

Wages paid for work performed outside the state of Tennessee
Federal Government wages
Military wages
Wages paid outside the base period quarters as listed on the online Wage Protest Form
Wage Protests on claims filed by the employer

Debit Card Delivery

You will receive an empty Way2Go Card® Debit MasterCard by mail within 10-15 days from your application. You may instead receive your benefit by direct deposit if you prefer. For security reasons, we will not take your banking information and change your payment method. If your card is not delivered or you lose your card please contact Way2Go customer service at 855-462-5887.

We may have a few more questions

Your employer will be contacted for separation information. You provided information on your reason for separation when you filed your claim but in some cases additional information is necessary. If this is the case you will be contacted by an agent.

Letter #2 Approval or Denial

Approval - If you have certified, your waiting week was served, and you receive a letter of approval, money should be deposited in your bank account (or on the debit card) within 72 hours.

Denial - If you do not agree with the agency’s decision, you may file an appeal. Do so by logging into Jobs4TN, selecting the determination you wish to appeal, and clicking File Appeal within the left navigation's Services for Individuals, then Unemployment Services