Ending Your Benefits

When you return to work simply stop certifying for benefits. Don’t wait until your first paycheck to stop your benefits. Instead, stop certifying the Sunday after you begin your job. In other words, you can’t be employed and receive unemployment benefits at the same time. If that occurs, you will have to return the overpaid money back to the state.

Reporting Wages at a New Job Can Stop Benefits

Your benefit will automatically stop if you start a new job and report your earnings as more than your weekly benefit amount. If you earn less than your weekly benefit amount, report those wages and your weekly benefit will continue but at a reduced rate. Earnings are to be reported during weekly certifications. Wages are reportable the week in which they are earned, regardless of when they are actually paid. 

Found a New Job and Quit

Let's say you found suitable work. You arrive on your first day and decide not to return. When you certify the following Sunday, you must report that you found work. Quitting a job does not qualify you as a recipient of unemployment insurance.